Virgin Coconut Oil Effects

Virgin coconut oil that has traditionally been used in skincare now gets contemporary application in artisanal products. September 2 is World Coconut Day.

The raging debate in "how bad is the coconut oil" has been going for years till now yet virgin coconut oil is popular in skincare products worldwide. The unrefined benefits of coconut oil is numerous as it works well in being moisturizers, rich in anti-oxidants and act as the beneficial usage for Ayurvedic preparation.

Coconut oil is considered relatively a newcomer in this field as olive oil has been dominating this area for years. In Kerala, virgin coconut oil has not only been used for skincare, especially for babies and mothers post-partum, but has been used as the base for Ayurvedic preparations.

Caprylic acid and capric acid, found in coconut, also have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. “The lauric acid found in coconut milk makes it nutritious and palatable,” Suja adds. Caprylic acid is also found in breast milk. Coconut oil as well as virgin coconut oil, is part of many Ayurvedic oils and lehyams.

Due to the increase of benefits that we gain from the coconut oil properties alone, makes the oil a great consumer products for both health, food and beauty. It can act as an all purpose oil whether for any types of cooking, health products that benefits human in any form of products.

Gynaecological and paediatric use aside, she says this cooked, virgin oil is ideal for skin care. “It doesn’t irritate the skin, and is the ideal leave-on.”

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