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Coconut Oil Distributor


Coconut Farm Company initiated its business operations with the intention of belief that “If there is no Coconut Farm Product, then there would be no finest quality coconut products in the world”.


Ourmain aim is to make bulk coconut products that are recognized on an international standard as well as justify the responsibility of returning good deed tocorporate world. We are heretosupport the value of the quality of life for all, including coconut growers, workers, purchasersand local communities.

Best Place for Organic Coconut Products

We are an exporter of coconut products, and we had 1,000 acres of coconut plantations in the East Coast of Penisular Malaysia for more than 30 years, and we have been in working for a long time. We are well known for purity, professionalism, and productivity. Besides, we offer international standard quality coconut products certified by ISO, HALAL, GMP, HACCP, USDA & EU Organic.

We export and provide healthy food ingredients from Malaysia. Owing to our versatility and respect we've gained from our clients over the years, we are known for our promptness, complete care, the art of professionalism.

Coconut Oil Manufacturer
Coconut Oil Manufacturer

Always Ready to Give Best Services

Coconut Farm is fully committed to giving our clients a complete set of services. We believe that these services put our partners, purchasers, at a competitive advantage. We are here to offer a tremendous variety of coconut goodies, including coconut, coconut seeds, several of coconut oil, sweetener and coconut waste.
Coconut Farm helps to reduce and even eliminate risks by assuring proper and timely implementation of business contracts even in the most hard market circumstances and uncertainties.

Why Us?

We move forward with the concept of building upon family, whether its business clients,workers or so on. We strategize to sell coconut products that are100% pure and good. Not only that but we aim to bring the height of invention with our coconut products and always seeking ways to build a long-term relationship with our business customers.

We Endorse Professionalism

In a business world, we firmly believe and endorse that professionalism is a very important thing and therefore we are glad to create employment and also use our company as the vehicle for long-lasting productivity to the country.

We have aprofessional team of people with the wish to move the business to a greater height. We are obsessed with exporting products that are amazing and of good quality.

Coconut Oil Supplier
Coconut Oil Supplier
Coconut Oil Supplier
Coconut Oil Distributor



Quality is always our first priority in our production and food supply chain.


Food hygene is very important as a responsible producer or supplier.


Food hygene is very important as a responsible producer or supplier.

What's Next ?

It’s more than just business, it’s about caring. It’s about letting know to purchasers that this is your brand and we are your people. No matter how trembling life gets, we’ve got you, because we have belief in putting clients first. We are always here to assist you and give you a good businessexperience.


Our philosophy at our company is that we care about our corporate clients first. We are usually evolving in an effort to keep our purchasers well-heeled. We want that our customers should remain brand loyal and look no further.

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