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How to improve dairy milk production? Calcium Supplement!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

In recent years, the dairy industry has seen significant advancements in feed supplementation for cattle. One such product that has gained popularity in the market is "Calcium Supplement," a supplement made from palm base Long Chain Fatty Acid. This blog will explore the benefits and usage of Calcium Supplement and how it can improve the health and productivity of dairy cattle. What is Calcium Supplement?

Calcium Supplement is a feed supplement made from palm base Long Chain Fatty Acid. It is a concentrated source of calcium and energy that is highly digestible for dairy cattle. The supplement is formulated to help meet the energy and calcium requirements of lactating cows, especially during periods of high milk production.

Benefits of Calcium Supplement for Dairy Cattle

  1. Increased milk production

Calcium Supplement is designed to provide cows with a concentrated source of energy and calcium, which are essential for milk production. Studies have shown that supplementing dairy cows with Calcium Salt can increase milk yield by up to 4%.

  1. Improved reproductive performance

Calcium Supplement has been shown to improve reproductive performance in dairy cows. It helps to maintain proper energy balance, which is crucial for optimal reproductive function. Additionally, Calcium Salt has been shown to reduce the incidence of metabolic disorders such as ketosis and fatty liver, which can have negative effects on reproductive performance.

  1. Enhanced overall health

Calcium Supplement can also improve the overall health of dairy cattle. It helps to maintain a healthy rumen pH, which can reduce the risk of acidosis and other digestive disorders. Additionally, Calcium Salt can improve the immune function of cows, which can reduce the risk of infections and other health problems.

Usage of Calcium Supplement for Dairy Cattle Calcium Supplement should be added to the dairy cow's diet in the correct proportion to ensure maximum benefit. The supplement can be added to the feed mix or top-dressed on the feed. It is important to note that excessive use of Calcium Supplement can lead to negative effects such as reduced dry matter intake and reduced rumen microbial activity.

In conclusion, Calcium Supplement is a valuable feed supplement for dairy cattle. It provides a concentrated source of energy and calcium, which can improve milk production, reproductive performance, and overall health of cows. However, it should be used in the correct proportion to avoid negative effects on the cow's health. By incorporating Calcium Salt into a well-balanced feed program, dairy farmers can help their cows achieve optimal performance and productivity.

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